H. P. Lovecraft historical society

I’ve been creating visual identity, social media, events and fanzine for honor of my favourite author. It’s dreadfully perfect. 

I joined H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society of Finland in 2015. Ever since I’ve created visual identity, social media boost, fanzine, logos, web page, web store, merchandise and events for the HPLHS. It has been a great ride: I’ve had total freedom in creating visual communication, illustrations and strategy. I create illustrations, cover art and lay out for Kuiskaus pimeässä -fanzine that is published twice a  year. Fanzine contains novels, articles, nerdy news and all things could possibly be in the interest of devoted horror and sci-fi fan.  

Since I started working with the society my marketing operatives have risen members more than 100% and social media followers more than 200%.  With new members and better exposure HPLS has broaden it’s activity and among other things started to manage annual event, KauhuCon (HorrorCon). Year 2018 we had the joy of hosting first international guest. HPLS keeps on going and so does our editorial team. 

This long and eventful project has offered me chance to get in to the roots of Finlands horror and sci-fi scene and meet incredible people from fantastic authors and artists to historians.