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Along with visual design I know quite a bit about marketing and UX, too.
There’s no match for Henna’s visual eye! Henna and me are both members of the board in H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society in Finland. Henna is responsible for our branding, visual communication and web design as well as other things such as marketing. Henna’s art work is beautiful and she makes sure that any project is completed within given time and budget and she’s basically a mind-reader when it comes to meeting the expectations. Henna is an amazing person to work with. She’s a creative soul with craftsperson’s attention to the detail, she’s sharp-witted, dedicated to what she does and easy to communicate with. I’m looking forward to working with her again and I’d warmly recommend Henna.
Anastasia Alén

Marketing coordinator, H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society in Finland

Starting out co-operation was astoundingly easy: Henna took over the project very well since the first festival we did together. Our event requires a lot of digital and printed media, posters and complex print products. Advertisement campaigns and print projects are hectic, and Hennas flexibility and tolerance for stress has been excellent.

And then the quality! Visual solutions are illuminating the identity of the festival just the right way.

Kirsti Pitkanen-Nurmi

Communications coordinator, Iitti Music Festival

What I do

Print, web, UX, you name it.
In my 10 years of experience in visual design I’ve done illustration, web design, visual identities and all sorts of marketing. May it be small association or big corporation, I’m happy to accept the new challenges.

Design & illustration

Designs from book covers to layouts. I master styles and techniques from clean corporate to fine arts.

Brand Identity

Building Visual identity from scratch or updating an existing one, I can do both.


Web design and CMS. Banners, lovely UX, Google analytics, responsive designs. I know how to built a page that is easy to manage and interesting to read.

UX analysis

Is it visible, is it usable? Let’s analyse and develop it!

Social media

Need help with social media? I’ll help you to create effective banners, engaging posts and analyze the impact.

Business Strategy

Where to go with your marketing? Where to advertise, who do you need to reach? How is your tone? Let me help you find the right channels.

looking for a in-house designer or outsourcing?

Years as of independent work have taught me how to take 100% of the responsibility of workflow. But hey, I work great in team, too!

Degrees in visual art & design

Years of experience

AD of projects

Cats in the office

Why me?

I am committed, ambitioned and hard working. I understand both visual aestethics and reaching for the best ROI of marketing.

My Latest Work

Here’s some of my latest works. If you want to see more samples of my work, I’ll be happy to tell you more.

My Skills

  • Branding
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • WordPress
  • Google Analytics
  • Social media
  • typography
MY Clients
I’ve had a pleasure to work in many fields. Here are some of my customers.

Suomen dekkariseura ry.

Kirjavinkkiyhdistys ry.

KSL ry.

H. P. Lovecraft Historiallinen seura ry.

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